Respecting Their Wishes, Luis Vasquez AKA Soft Moon (1979 - 2024)

Luis Vasquez AKA The Soft Moon (1979 - 2024)

We lost some major figures in the post-punk music scene over the weekend.

Luis Vasquez AKA Soft Moon, along with Juan Mendez and Simone Ling of Silent Servant.

At the time of the report, I suspected Fentanyl poisoning because they were all taken from us at the same time.

There's no indication that this was intentional because there's so much for them to do.

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  • Feb 09
    The Hague, Netherlands



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My first introduction to Soft Moon was with the release of "Breath The Fire" and "Parallels" back in 2010.

I shared the video/single with a friend of mine who approved its legitimacy and those were among my favorite tracks of that year. 

Is it too on-the-nose for the irony, of the death of an artist who dabbled in its aesthetics?

I was recently thinking about David Bowie and how long he had been writing music and singing about his death, farther back than his Black Star release

Respecting Family's Wishes To Keep Supporting The Soft Moon

Just hours ago, as I was thinking about Luis, I got an e-mail from Bandcamp about his second release, 'Zeros' on vinyl.


I got the jump on it as soon as I could. 

This is just moments after I read a post from his wife about what we could do to show our love for Luis. 


When the record arrives in Feb, I'll present it in my new video series coming soon about my vinyl collection. 

With only 500 copies of this, I'm sure they're all gone by the time you get this.

Fuck Spotify and get them downloads!

Rest in peach Luis Vasquez, 

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