Thrift Store Flippers Flip Out

Thrift Store Flippers Flip Out

Thrift Store Flipper Retro Rest Stop


I'm not much for thrift store flipping but I'm sure we all know someone who does it. I'm also not much for reality shows, specifically those that show people competing against each other. Before you know it, you're invested in how cut throat the competition is and it can get scary.

I have a neighbor who is a thrift store flipper who gets pallets of things on-the-cheap at Goodwill then resells in yard sales and online. He makes enough money thrift store flipping to quit his regular job. Such is the case with David Kyle Eisenhauer who started a YouTube channel in 2011 called Cinema Sickness. He updates it from time to time since starting another channel, Retro Rest Stop. 

I found that I watch more YouTube than any other streaming service because of channels like his. Usually, I’ll leave the channel playing in the background and even sleep to it. There's something very soothing in that ASMR way that I enjoy. I subscribed immediately after first seeing his very popular and mind-blowing basement archive video. 

Despite the claim, it's questionable whether this is the World's largest movie collection. I especially kept up with his channel after learning that he was in the process of moving and just when he had settled with this immense collection in his basement. I wanted to see how he was going to keep this going. It should be said that his channels are generally focused on collecting movies, and television shows but he collects other things as well. During his move from Pennsylvania to Florida, he's started doing episodes about strange roadside attractions, other areas of interest, and vlogging.

Thrift Store Flipper Flips Out 

I realized in recent months that I had really gotten invested into what he does when I questioned why through his channel would he reveal how cheaply he’s getting items and reselling them at a higher price online. In fact, this thrift store flipper occupied enough space in my mind that I spoke with someone about it at work. Something about that kind of business is peculiar to me and it makes me a bit suspicious about the flipper. 

Despite what's to come, that’s about it the “issue” I have with with Retro Rest Stop owner, David Kyle Eisenhauer. I always look forward to his daily vlogs and was very unsettled when things got really bad on Friday night with his latest video title, “Im Being Badmouthed By Joe & Steph?”

What's the reason for making things public online? My business is online. These articles is what I do. I have channels, podcasts, an upcoming internet radio station. Fuck; I do stand up comedy and yes, YouTube videos! My image and anyone who does any of that wants to be seen. 'Krazy Joe' Fiore and Stephanie Vogel were once part of David's Cinema Sickness crew where they would go thrifting or do live streaming videos together until about 2021

According to David, Joe and him haven't spoken in years. Suddenly, he's notified about a live stream video that Krazy Joe has devoted to bashing David Eisenhauer. It's a second video to follow a previous one (since deleted) about the same topic but this time with Stephanie. 

Here's one of the two of her posts in her Instagram account


As the video progresses, the pile up of detritus unloaded about Eisenhauer gets bigger and bigger. David seems to address each issue as it's delivered. Krazy Joe says in the beginning that he doesn't want this video to be part of his channel in that he would leave it up for 24 hours before taking it down and send the file to Stephanie. In fact, towards the end of this video, Krazy Joe appears to take down the video and Retro Rest Stop isn't able to finish it. but there's plenty here to bring a case, should Eisenhauer want one. 

As to the Krazy Joe's live stream video ending before David could finish it; Stephanie vanished from the live chat for a period of time towards the end. Rather than let the video go on, she most likely reached out to Krazy Joe, told him Dave was watching it and he deleted it asap. 

Krazy Joe's Envy Of Thrift Store Flipper David Eisenhauer's Success

One of the first things Joe says early on is that there were "red flags" about Eisenhauer that he should have paid more attention to. Then he goes through a check list of issues he has with the successful thrift shop flipper accusing him of being a narcissist, and self-centered. One thing that I don't get is he doesn't believe that David's YouTube channels bring him any income. It's likely because Krazy Joe Adventures doesn't bring Krazy Joe any income.

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When you look at the number's, Krazy Joe Adventures channel has a measly 3.49k subscribers vs Eisenhauer's 7.2k (Retro Rest Stop) and 22.8k (Cinema Sickness) combined. Also, the views per video are in the hundreds vs David's thousands.   

The only thing that Krazy Joe can combine is the accusations against David with Stephanie, who apparently didn't have any interest in being on camera to begin with. Among them is that Eisenhauer was cheating on his ex-wife, and abused her. Stephanie accuses him of being a creep, of being physically abusive, neglect, being a con man, etc; you name it.

If you keep an eye on the live chat in the video provided, you'll see that Stephanie come in to challenge David. She would then create a second post where she adds up the amount David earned during his live stream.


Like most of us, I only know David Eisenhauer through his channel and am therefore biased to side with him. This thrift store flipper comes across as genuine on his channel so that when he says that Krazy Joe might be slandering him due to jealousy, it seems to be more the case here. 

Don't Fuck With My Rest Stop!

As a matter of transparency, I did leave some anti-Joe comments in the video which David seems to have deleted. At about 1:00:20, David tells a story about when Krazy Joe went off on him in front of others over something petty about a sign. To that, I said that Joe might have had a lot of things about David that were building up in him causing him to explode. There's also references to creepy foot fetishists and Eisenhauer joking around with Stephanie who couldn't take a joke. In the spirit of that, I said that Joe seems like he could use an ass-kicking and that I could do it for feet pics. Should I be able to recover that from YouTube support, I will share that here. 

There's plenty to unpack here about the competitive nature among thrift store flippers because according to Eisenhauer, Joe didn't go off about him until he learned Retro Rest Stop covered a similar location that Joe had already covered in his channel. David claims he didn't know that as he says that he doesn't follow Joe's channel.

Obviously you're free to decide for yourself but personally, I don't find Joe to be very likeable and even with Stephanie, she seems to have some insecurity issues thus far. When you watch the video, you'll see as the vitriol gets uglier and uglier to the point of being destructive. I think the reason for going as far as they do is to take out Retro Rest Stop as part of some turf war, otherwise these two thrift store flippers could have settled their issues without making it public.  

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