Charlie Nieland - "Tightrope"

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"Tightrope" is from the upcoming album Divisions, now on Pre-release at Bandcamp

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Video directed by B.A Miale

"Tightrope" was written in response to the novel Little Liar by Julia Gray for Bushwick Book Club.

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Reading the book brought out for me the similarities between wishing and lying, crossing our fingers for each, and how we can tumble down into our loneliness without seeing the color that surrounds us.

The lyrics to the chorus, "The colors run together, The coins are thrown forever, An instrument of trust", jumped out of the air for me and when I picked up the guitar, the music came just as instantly, like the song was waiting for me to find it. It really felt like a gift.

Video director B.A Miale's interpretation elevates the song into a beautifully surreal tale that opens into a shimmering, slightly nightmarish, wonderland.

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When I asked what inspired her, she paraphrased Oscar Wilde: "We are all in hell, but some of us are looking at the stars," She writes: "The storyline was inspired by this intense year we are collectively experiencing, surrounded by death and heartache. Like the protagonist, some of us absolutely need our escapisms to remain sane, even if they render us delusional."

Both the song and the video feature my Lusterlit bandmate Susan Hwang on Janggu, drum kit and vocals and the video stars international cabaret & circus performer Amy Gordon.

Charlie Nieland
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