Dale Sheppard, "She's Sowing Time" (Official New Music Video)

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Lyrics by Kim Sheppard:

"November 9th, 2021 is the day that I was diagnosed with Rectal cancer. It is a day that is difficult to recall, yet impossible to forget. At first, it’s too surreal to actually comprehend and then the reality sneaks in and the raw emotional terror begins. The night is the worst. The time when you lay awake surrounded by silence, in the depth of loneliness and overwhelming fear of being swallowed up by the darkness. My husband’s hand, firmly clasped in mine to help still the beat of my pounding heart, I would lay in the quiet, praying for the sound of the song of birds to hush my fear as the morning broke. It was then, in the morning light, that I would gain hope and belief that there would be more time. It is the collision of terror and hope that are the force behind “ She’s Sowing Time”. It is the terror that drives, but the hope that saves. That, and the love and strength of my husband who took my words and so brilliantly composed the music to create this song." - Kim Sheppard

"She's Sowing Time"

Anxious Flutter Beneath the Dark
Restless Soul and Shifting Shapes
Stillness Screams a Silent rage
Flashing Forward, Looping Tapes
Blurring Lines Between the Light
Fluttered Breeze that Pause the Breath
Birds that Hush a Fateful Song
Whirling Round the reach of Death
Calm the Beasts that Trample Loud
Clutching Hands to Still the Beat
Shadows Dimly Fade and Break
Softness Slowly Lights the Street

Kim Sheppard.

This track was originally released on June 1, 2023. The video has been added to our music video playlist. Be sure to set to shuffle for a better viewing experience. 

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Music Written, Performed, Recorded, Mixed, and Produced by Dale Sheppard except:
- Lead Guitar & Additional Rhythm - James Love
- Additional Keyboards - Russ Ovans
- Drums - Nicola D’Adamo
Background Vocals - Dale & Kim Sheppard

Video DOP, Director, Producer, and Editor - Ted Kuzemski



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