The Stare You Can Never Unsee!

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A highlight of this show is clearly Groucho's encounter with Albert Hall (couple #3), a very funny exchange where Groucho looks genuinely thrown by the odd man with the crazy eyes.

While Groucho always had jokes to fall back on prepared in advance by staff writers, he never actually *met* the contestants until the show. Seeing him startled like this is always a high point when it happens. He spends most of the segment here pretending, hilariously, to be scared for his life.

COUPLE #1: Mario DaRe, brother of actor Aldo Ray and USC football player / Barbara Schmidt, Queen of the Pasadena Rose Parade.

COUPLE #2: Verne Cameron, hydrologist (locates underground water) / Marianna Erlik, from Prague

COUPLE #3: Abert Hall, whose bizarre manner and crazy wide-eyed stare seems to legitimately unsettle Groucho / June French - Groucho Marx, You Bet Your Life

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