One Last Summer With Mel Monaco's Yacht Popper, "Love Tides"

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I don't regret that I'm a bit late for this 2023 indie music video review, since Mel Monaco's Yacht pop single "Love Tides" came out in early August. However, due to certain issues with my music video playlist on YouTube, as they say, it's better late than never. It's Fall now, sure, but why not get one last Summer music video in to start off this series? I'm not asking. I'm telling!

Let's Take The Yacht Out On Mel Monaco’s “Love Tides”

Mel Monaco and her band seem to have closed out the summer with "Love Tides" but also start off the fall with it. When I interviewed Mel, she said that they were going to perform that evening. I would imagine this track was on their set list, even though it's weeks after the Summer's end because she herself has said that this is all about having a good time. A behind the scenes' moment for this indie music video is that, she got sunburned during the all day video shoot. As you can tell in the video, they seemed to have been out there until the afternoon. 

The video shows Mel, of course, with her bandmates out for a good time on a yacht. The twinkling sound of the keyboards in the opener has that Hall & Oates feel to it. In our talk about it, what I blindly referred to as yacht rock, was corrected as yacht pop. I know. It rolls off the tongue, right? You might notice, at 0:26, Theodore Tugboat. 



Dig on the floppy watermelon sun hat, pink flamingo float, and what this track is all about:

"Love Tides is all about embracing the summer sunshine and celebrating love! With so much going on in the world, it can sometimes be difficult to remember that life is beautiful, and we have so much to rejoice in, especially when you're on a boat! We've been digging our sound lately, and we like to call it yacht pop! If you aren't on a boat, music stylings from Mel Monaco sure make you groove like you are. Love Tides is a reflection of where Mel Monaco is right now, living in the moment and showing gratitude for every opportunity and experience in life".

It does reach nostalgia with some vintage looking video in some parts. The flute is what does it for me, especially when it plays us out with closing credits that start around 3:44. Classy and cool, "Love Tides" plays off of the jazz tradition that Mel Monaco has immersed herself in throughout her albums, but she's also settling into the yachtpop phase of her career. 

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