Ocean Songs, E.G. Phillips Goes From Captain To Castaway

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San Francisco-based folk rock artist, E.G. Phillips, vividly presents the single "Boil The Ocean" with a lyric video set to the clips by Anastasia Shuraeva (PEXELS / INSTAGRAM). The ocean song is off of the Outlaw The Dead EP, which is also produced by San Franciscans, Chris McGrew and mixed by Jaimeson Durr at Wally's Hideout which has had some big names come through their door. To add, these guys have worked with legendary American musicians and bands between them such as Sammy Hagar and the Circle, Chickenfoot, Joe Satriani, John Vanderslice, and Dungeon Weed.

An Ocean Song About A Castaway

"If you've ever spent time in the corporate world you will no doubt have encountered certain stock phrases as "it is what it is", "let's circle back", "eat our own dog food", “open the kimono”  ... and "let's not boil the ocean" — this song takes that last phrase to its logical and horrific conclusion by attempting to illustrate the circumstances under which someone might feel compelled to actually try and boil the ocean."

This would suggest that this song is an allegory about climate change, which it might very well be. It's not that the character as an individual is able to "boil the ocean". Clearly, it takes all of us to do that. I'll default to a less traditional folk song about the ocean, about a captain who is stranded in a sinking ship. It's appropriately sung in that Tom Waits style grit, to express the dreariness of the tale.

While "vividly" fits what we take away from the lyrics, "cinematic" works as well and they both describe E.G. Phillips' music. Who can't think about the movie Castaway when he refers to spending time "in the corporate world," which is where Chuck Nolan ruled before he was marooned on an island.

Here's something interesting to note. Castaway starred Tom Hanks, who played Captain Phillips, which, if E.G. Phillips were a captain... see what I did there? - Zoe Dune

The "Boil The Ocean" Single Is Available Now!

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