The House Music Throwback of Baby Jey's New Single

The House Music Throwback of Baby Jey's New Single

Who knew that 90s house music was up for grabs? Only people in-the-know like the Edmonton, Alberta now Brooklyn-based duo, Baby Jey. Now, five years after their last full-length release, Someday Cowboy, return with their new single, "What's The Point Of Saying Sorry".  The duo consists of Jeremy Witten (guitar, keyboards, lead vocals), and Dean Kheroufi (bass, backing vocals.) Their latest single is the first of hopefully many more from their new Crop Circles LP, which is due out on November 24. 

The Old School House Music Sounds Of "What's the Point of Saying Sorry"


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Airy keyboards give the single a techno vibe, but they also sustain the beat of what I remember as classic house music of the 90s. In fact, I think about the 1990s hit from Black Box, "Everybody Everybody". Billboard at the time referred to it as having a "House-inspired rhythmic base", which this track has throughout. Jeremy Witten's vocals pace out the dance qualify of the track.



The changes at 1:49 are that he changes the vocals slightly to half an octave higher, for the keyboard bridge to descend for a bit, a slight and yet very effective change. The duo state in their Tone Den account that this track is influenced by classic disco and synth pop. They've maintained for their Someday Cowboy release that they listened to a lot of soft rock and country music from the 80s.

Given the new musical influences stated, and older ones, it might not be a bad idea to don a disco ball cowboy hat for this one? Can't wait to see what direction the duo take in the singles to come and the album overall. Baby Jey is releasing through Maintenance Records. As a member of this site, you can comment down below and let us know what other influences you hear. I'm old, which is the only reason I'm tracking old school house music.

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