Ghost Hunter Dr. Michael Lynch (1961 - 2024) Final Podcast

Ghost Hunter Dr. Michael Lynch


Earlier this week I learned from my co-host about Ghost Hunter Dr. Michael Lynch's passing. This was shocking of course because it was unexpected as we just uploaded or latest episode about the paranormal. We had Lacey Booth of ASUP, Inc (Texas) and Dr. Michael Lynch (Missouri) which turns out to be his last appearance in a program. 

So far, we've had programs about color magic, some about the tarot and this was to introduce some paranormal investigators from our region. Alyx already met with Michael through her nextwork of friends for various events.


Our Talk with Ghost Hunter Dr. Michael Lynch

One thing I need to mention is that prior to our discussion with these Ghost Hunters, I was glad to learn that Dr. Michael Lynch had been on Coast to Coast AM with Art Bell and George Noorey several times. I had to ask him about his appearance at least on one episode I listened to. I grew up listening to that show and felt I was in the presence of a celebrity. 

We learned something new about Ghost Hunting from Dr. Michael Lynch through the experiences that he shared with us. Check out our episode with him. 

I've since e-mailed Coast to Coast to ask that they add him to their In Memoriam page along with other ghost hunters who have crossed to the other side. 

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